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    Message from the Board


    Message from the
    Founder & President

    Dear Stakeholder,
    This has been a landmark year for us. As a group, we have been able to achieve several milestones. Texila American University (TAU) Consortium is reimagining what it is to be a university in the 21st century: pioneering research and innovation, outstanding teaching, and a presence across the globe that fosters the international, interconnected perspective so necessary in our modern world.

    Technology is a powerful tool for transforming learning. It helps affirm and advance relationships between educators and students, reinvent our approaches to learning and collaboration, reduce long-standing equity and accessibility gaps, and adapt learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners.

    With technology, educators are collaborating in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills alongside their students. Education stakeholders should commit to working together to use technology to improve global education.

    Technology is already sweeping through classrooms as educators and developers create more and more products designed to enhance education. New technologies like A1, machine learning, and educational software aren’t just changing the field for students, they are shaking up the role of educators, creating philosophical shifts in approaches to teaching, and remodeling the classroom.

    As a part of TAU Consortium, you will be an integral part of the group’s commitment to diversity and globalization. Together, we will become a stronger conglomerate.

    S.P. Saju Bhaskar
    Founder & President

    Dear Stakeholder,
    On behalf of the Board and the management team of the TAU Consortium, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to our company’s success. With the unwavering dedication, commitment and constant hard work of our team, the TAU Consortium today has an important position in the field of education. In the last few years, we have evolved, grown and adjusted our strategy to the market’s evolution, investing in our business’ diversification and globalisation. It has brought us closer to our vision to be one of the leading universities in the world.

    Our determination to deliver the highest standard of education and innovation is the same today as it was when the company was founded more than a decade ago. We study data and are continuously innovating. Our commitment to affordable education for all is the basis for our actions: “Bringing education to life.” The TAU Consortium core values and determination of all stakeholders are vital to our continued success with the support of our clients, students, and employees with whom we work daily.

    The backbone of our company, the TAU Consortium management system, provides the structure to manage all of TAU’s services, with a strong focus on quality, with the overall aim to provide the optimal degree of services and to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations at all times. TAU Consortium is committed to learning and creating substantial added value to the education industry. The contribution by all members in this process is essential to all of us.

    We are excited about our journey over the coming years. Therefore, we welcome any idea for further improvement in order to maintain the highest possible standard of our services.

    Chithra Lakshmi
    Executive Vice President


    Message from the
    Vice President

    Vision and Mission

    Inspired by “Takshashila”, world’s first Centre of Learning, Texila aims to make education accessible to all.


    As a top international university, Texila American University aims to play a foremost role in research and teaching. We are committed to provide high-quality education that is crucial for a healthy, sustainable, prosperous world.


    • We aim for excellence in a wide range of medicine and non-medicine disciplines with high-quality research and teaching.
    • We are focused on achieving the maximum impact on our students and other stakeholders with close collaboration with regional, national and international partners.
    • TAU Consortium endeavours to instil highest ambitions for quality and integrity among its various members.
    • We focus on discovering and disseminating knowledge and educating the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals.

    About Texila Education Global Holding

    Our Global Presence

    With a presence on three continents (including South America, Africa and Middle East) and international partnerships, we are world’s leading university. Since 2010, Texila American University has been offering rigorous academics, cutting-edge research and leadership across the continents. Our campuses are driving force for innovation and discovery which serve local, national and global communities in many ways.

    Over the years, we have had over 6000 students from across 70+ countries. This diversity can greatly enrich the collaborative learning experience by giving students the opportunity togain a global perspective and develop cross-cultural communication skills. In addition, students will be able to build a global network of like-minded peers and educators.

    Students life transformed
    Countries we have presence in
    Global Accreditations
    Student Population from over 120+ Countries
    Programs Offered
    PhD Students

    Culture and Values

    At TAU, we are united by our values of Respect, Honesty, Integrity and Excellence. Through our actions we live these values and it is against them that we hold ourselves and others accountable. At TAU, we are fostering a values driven culture – one that is built around relationships and community, mutual respect, diversity and inclusion, and a strong commitment to ethics and integrity, collaboration, creativity and innovation. We believe that every individual has a role to play in bringing our values to life. We live the TAU values every day through the positive, supportive and meaningful relationships we create with our peers and the community.

    Our Values

    • We value our customers as they are the center of ouractivities.
    • We value, engage, enthuse & reward.
    • We value Leadership without title.
    • We value innovation in work & creativity in thought.
    • We value Integrity, transparency, honesty & are ethical.
    • Our actions create value for stakeholders there by benefiting community at large.
    • We value sustainable growth that promotes profitability to fuel our global aspirations.

    Our Purpose Statement

    We ensure our businesses Empower citizens around the world to lead an inspired and productive life in whatever sphere of business we operate.

    We shall achieve success through collaboration of highly dedicated teams, extremely skilled professionals, innovative technologies, fearlessness & effective utilisation of resources.

    Business Units

    Texila American University

    At Texila American University (TAU), education and research are inextricably intertwined to prepare and empower our students to become global physicians who will transform the field of medicine in 21st century.

    Texila Educational and Management Services (TEMS)

    Being in the education sector for years has helped TEMS understand every aspect of the industry,

    Guyana Flag

    TAU is #1 Private
    Medical University in

    Guyana Campus

    Since its inception in 2010, Texila American University, Guyana (TAU-Guyana) has remained committed to excellence in the education Of future physicians globally. We are committed to bring out the best in our students and provide a collaborate environment to nurture talent in the field of healthcare and medicine.

    TAU-Guyana is ranked as the No. 1 private university in Guyana. Our Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program is one Of the most coveted and in-demand programs for students aspiring to make a career as a doctor.


    TAU is a top-tier Private
    Medical University in

    Zambia Campus

    At TAU-Zambia, we give our students the exposure and guidance required to shine in a globally competitive market. Through an intensive academic program that combines theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, we ensure that our Medicine and healthcare programs prepare leaders for tomorrow.

    Texila American University Zambia is a top-tier coveted college, TAU-Zambia is known for its advanced infrastructure and curriculum designed exclusively to build world class doctors and healthcare practitioners.

    Distance and Blended Learning Programs

    Educators across the globe are convinced that the way forward in education sector is through online learning. At Texila American University, we offer blended and onlinecourses designed to help professionals advance in theircareers. Our programs are industry focused, flexible and affordable, making them the preferred choice for students internationally.

    TAU DBLP programs follow the contemporary model of blended learning and is offered in partnership with University of Central Nicaragua (UCN).

    Smart Labz

    Smart Labz, Online Tutoring Solutions was launched as an option for K-12 students who have been impacted by COVID-19. Smart Labz was not only designed for those who are relegated to home online learning due to COVID-19, but also those who need additional help with homework, SAT & ACT Test preparation and require additional special topics-based tutoring.

    We created Smart Labz as an alternative to more costly online tutoring platforms to provide an innovative online solution for school children to have access to live tutors for one-on-one help. Most of our competitors are expensive and so we developed an innovative (BRICS) model, which is affordable, effective and actively involves parents in all decision making.


    Texila International Journal (TIJ) renders a great opportunity for the researchers who seek academic excellence. Our aim always lies in going beyond borders in ensuring that high quality and informative academic journals are available to a wide range of audiences. All our academic journals are open access and the articles submitted will be available as open access to the public, journal articles published are licensed under, authors being the original owners of the copyright for the content published.

    Texila International Journal (TIJ) is an online peer reviewed journal that publishes Review/Research articles which contribute new theoretical results in all Public Health, Medicine, Clinical Research, Management, Nursing, Academic Research, psychology etc papers are solicited from various topics.

    Texila E-Conference

    With latest technologies evolving in the world, things have become more convenient for people. To be a part of this world we need to adapt to what’s new. Keeping in mind the latest trend, Texila American University, one among the renowned Medical Universities in the Caribbean planned to change the way people attend conferences and has brought the idea of e-Conference to Reality. TAU is the only private university that has launched the concept of e-conferencing and has so far enlightened over 15000 global audiences to its event.

    E-Conference is a way of attending conferences over electronic means; it helps business owners save time, hefty travel expenses and gives complete flexibility. The most commonly referred e-Conference methods include electronic conference, virtual conference, internet conference, web conference and virtual events in general. Although people use different terminology to refer, the process is same; you take part in the conference over a virtual realm. Either you want to attend the conference or join as a speaker; e-Conference makes it feasible to do it from the place you are


    In the past 10 years, tremendous growth in the field of technology has made everything possible through the world wide web. We, at Texila American University, promote and encourage experimenting with new innovations in the field of education. Takshatech  has 2 wings:

    CLaaS | SaaS

    CLaaS spawns intuitive and captivating learning experiences that augment the performance of educational strategy and promotes organizational effectiveness.

    We drive business transformation to excellence by empowering workforce and organization through, judicious, augmented and contemporary learning strategies. The core objective of CLaaS are:

    Learning Solutions

    We value your business and develop elegant e-learning designs with leading edge technology to drive your business objectives.

    Curriculum Design

    Our curriculum design development services are simple and intuitive, with programming capabilities which helps in improve learning environment and increase efficiency.

    Instructional Design Review

    Our instructional design team focuses on promoting instructionally sound courses on the basis of learning theories, cognitive principle as well as deployment technology.

    Content Development

    Our team establishes efficacious content utilizing established Instructional Systems Design theories. We customize, develop and implement content adhering to the regulatory standards that are inherent to e-Learning domain.


    Software as a Service is considered as the complete software solutions for various business purposes. In today’s digital world, SaaS plays a major role and has many advantages over tha traditi It is being created in such a way that is highly flexible and has the ability to scala up and down quickly response to an enterprise’s requirement. The elements of SaaS are CaaS T-Connect I DMS Tatva Desk

    CaaS (Conference as a Service)

    Take the stress-free road to a successful conference with the help of a new technological advanced product called CaaS. This product serves as a backbone for the organizers for handling the events successfully without any difficulties from registration to certification. CaaS brings accessible and effective mediums that can promote any type of conference.


    T-Connect is Texila’s project management tool that assist employees and teams to effectively organize work and manage projects and tasks. T-Connect is made to be completely customizable so it can fit the needs of teams of different sizes and with different goals.


    DMS stands for Document Management System at Texila, Document Management Systems (DMS) is used to store, manage and track electronic documents. Document management is how we at Texila stores, manages and tracks our documents.

    Leadership Team


    S.P. Saju Bhaskar
    Founder and President

    As an entrepreneur and the Founder and President of Texila American University, Mr. Saju Bhaskar has a deep understanding of the challenges of leading a major educational institution. His leadership skills, technological prowess and stewardship has strengthened Texila’s culture of innovation. With his futuristic leadership, he has expanded the university’s verticals and enhanced its global reach over the years. Mr. Bhaskar oversees the development, planning, target setting, auditing and reviewing processes of the entire congregation. With his impeccable work ethics, he has inculcated a strong value system in the organization.


    Chithra Lakshmi
    Executive Vice President

    Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi has been instrumental in Texila’s growth from conception to reality. With her vast experience in the field of Finance, HR, Strategic Planning, Team Leadership and Gap Analysis & Planning, Mrs. Lakshmi has played a vital role in devising the university’s vision and strategy.

    Mrs. Lakshmi oversees the Global Accounting and Finance Operations in Guyana, India, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, USA and UAE.

    As the Executive Vice-President of Texila American University Group, Mrs. Lakshmi also facilitates smooth and flawless functioning of day-to-day activities of the organization the entire congregation. With her  impeccable work ethics, she has inculcated a strong value system in the organization.


    Mr. Syam Kumar
    Chief Executive Officer, Guyana

    Mr. Kumar brings more than 20 years of experience in the international higher education and offshore medical school sector. He was instru-mental in the establishment of multiple Caribbean medical schools and served in various capacities, including as Chief Financial Officer and Vice President. In his early career days, he also worked with Bank of America as a Business Analyst in the Wealth and Investment Management team. Syam’s experience in higher education includes Finance, Admissions, Accreditation, and Operations. Mr. Kumar completed his MS from Texas A&M University, IJSA, and MBA from Bharatiar University, India. He is also a certified Accreditation Compliance Officer from the Distance Education and Training Council, USA.


    Dr. Vijayakumar Rajarathinam
    Deputy Vice Chancellor, Zambia

    With his vast experience in educational management, Dr. Vijayakumar Rajarathinam has a deep understanding of an academic environment and teacher-student relationship. Dr. Rajarathinam has been instrumental in building a strong academic network in Zambia and fostering harmonious relationship among different stakeholders in the university.


    Mr. Vivek Kishore Verma
    Chief Sales Officer,

    Established Professional with nearly 18 years of experience; targeting
    strategic assignments in Strategic Planning & Business Development in the K-12, Higher Education and Professional Training sectors globally. In the last 18 years I have worked on projects with focus on Education Administration, Higher Education Development, University Brand Management, Affiliation & Accreditation, Institutional Alliances, Business Development, Startup Management and Higher Education Startup.

    Texila Alumni

    We, at Texila American University, support and provide ways for our alumni to get involved in the life of our University. We also work to ensure that every member of our global community can access our world-class services and facilities. Our different events bring our alumni together to celebrate, debate and collaborate, while our international network of local groups allows alumni to reconnect with students in their region.


    Petrus Johannes Van Staden

    M.Sc Clinical Psychology, 2018

    Director at Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, (South Africa)


    Arun Raghavendra

    Direct MD, 2016

    Resident Medical Officer at AMC Hospital, Tamil Nadu (India)

    Apurva Tyagi

    Apurva Tyagi

    Master of Public Health, 2018

    Consultant at Divine Multispecialty Centre, Mathura (India)


    Faizan Basha Kamal Basha

    BS-MD, 2017

    Observership at CMC Vellore (India)


    Hem Sagar Rimal

    Master of Public Health, 2018

    Professor and Head of Department of Pediatric at Birat Medical College Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar, (Nepal)


    Kaushal Hemanshu Kapadia

    Ph.D Clinical Research - 60 Credits, 2018

    Head of Research and Development at Taiyo Clinical Research, Mumbai (India)


    Molla Mekonnen Alemu

    PhD in Management, 2018

    Programme Manager at United Nations, Freetown (Sierra Leone)


    Muhammed Ali Mansour

    MD, 2018

    Pursuing Internship in Chicago


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